maanantai 8. kesäkuuta 2015

My first packet has arrived

I am so excited to share with you my first packed arrived me couple of weeks ago. I think my packet hasn't gone there yet though. I cannot post a photo of what I did send to my pair because I want it to be surprise to her. I do hope she gets it really soon!!! I found this Lovely Letters about a month ago and fall in love with it. Pop over and look what it is.
My first pair was Melissa from Vandicrafts and actually I found this Lovely Letters from her blog.
 It was a pure coincidence to have her my pair - LOL
This awesome packet contains:
* A birthday card for me - I hade a Birthday couple of days before I received this goodies
* A tea mug - I was hoping to buy a new mug someday and here it is
* Tea bags
* Circle Creek Home orange soap
* Honey Lip Balsam
* Chocolate bar
* 2 rolss of masking tape vintage style

Thank you so much Melissa for this fabulous goodies. Just love them!!!
EDIT: This is my packet which I sent to her. It finally arrived to her.

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